We declare and decree that Encounter Church is a church 


-that impacts our region by representing Jesus well


-that is an authentic expression of Kingdom Community and Family


-that experiences God every time we meet


-that hosts and cultivates the presence of the Holy Spirit well


-that sows into the nations and stands with Israel


-that is blessed and highly favored


-that’s members walk intimately with God daily and encounter Him regularly


-that trains our children to live supernaturally. They hear God’s voice, have dreams and visions, and are  protected, blessed, and favored


-that’s marriages are blessed, full of romance and intimacy together, journeying with God as a three chord strand that cannot be broken.


-that walks in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit


-that takes care of the orphans and the widows


-that loves one another


-that worships with total freedom and abandonment


-that is built on prayer


-that will see Heaven come to Earth


-that will walk in revelation of the Father’s heart for us and show it to everyone we meet

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